The most recent addition to the Presidential Airlift Command will be the VC-25B, based on the 747-8F airframe, but much more capable. Still in the design phase, and scheduled for operation in 2024 or sooner. She will fly farther, faster, and higher than any other 747 in history.  The model I offer here is almost too realist, but based on what is currently known of the requirements. This is the ONLY accurate model offered anywhere, and all for free!!! Boeing VC-25BDET is NOW AVAILABLE


The VC-25A is the current "Air Force One" in use. Officially there are only two aircraft, Tail Numbers 28000 and 29000, A Third has been seen, pure white, at KADW, even on Google Maps. We know a lot about this version, currently in operation as "Air Force One" when the president is aboard. All aerodynamics are realistic for this model. Download Available Soon.


The VC-32B is a Special Operations version of the VC-32A (Air Force Two), which does not normally carry the V.P., and if it does, it's a secret. High Altitude and Long Range with Special Classified Missions is what this is about. VC-32BDET Available Soon.