Flight Simulator X Perfection

Finally there is a site dedicated to making FSX aircraft realistic


The North American B-2A Stealth Bomber is the most feared of all U.S. Enemies

Dedicated to FSX aircraft performance

I am here to help you learn how to make your planes fly like the real thing, and will show you the steps it takes to acheive this. There will be no more need for sluggish aircraft in your hanger. Cosmetics do not make a plane fly in FSX.

Experience with FS from the beginning

I started with the floppy disc FS 3.1, but was not able to change anything until FS98, and learned more and more as time flew by. I am sharing that knowledge with you.

Your Success is My Goal

This is not about me, it is about you. There is no reason to take this knowledge to the grave, and what you will learn will hopefully continue my goal to share aerodynamic information and increase your knowledge on how it works best. FSX is the best Virtual Wind Tunnel ever produced, and if all is correct, it will prove it's worth many times over.

Douglas E. Trapp

FSX Enthusiasts: SIGN UP NOW

If you always wondered why your FSX planes would not fly to specs, join me now. Even if you just like learning about unusual aircraft, this is the site for you.


This site does not require  payment of any kind,and all is offered for educational use under the "Fare Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law" ( https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/107 ). I am hoping your contributions here will help my retirement, which is coming soon. Please donate to this project and give me incentive to build the most informational and educational FSX related web site ever offered. My downloads alone will show you how serious I am about sharing what I know to the world, but doing so for free is only an option when donations make such a task worthy. If you can, please also set your donation as monthly. I Thank You In Advance.

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Downloadable Data

The list of downloadable FSX aircraft below are all fully tested modifications using Real World Aerodynamics, Weight & Balance, and Engine data. Some cosmetic details are not correct, but all of the dynamics are. They are offered for educational use for those interested in aerodynamic concepts, and free for your private use. All contributors have been acknowledged within the text files included in each aircraft. If you like the results, please donate to this site, and give me reason to add more examples of FSX Perfection for free.